Shaw Living brings together the quality of all Shaw companies to create comfortable homes and rental options.


Shaw Living is one of The Shaw Group's newest divisions, focusing on modular homeownership and sought-after rental opportunities since 2017. While Shaw Living partners with other Shaw divisions to offer quality housing options in popular communities, the division is an attractive partner for many other developers, builders, and companies out of The Shaw Group brand.

Building Better Communities 

The best communities are designed to take into account the current and future needs of residents. Careful consideration is given to housing options and amenities that serve the residents best. With the strength and collaboration of its strategic partnerships, Shaw Living offers rental products to various demographics – from those aged 18 to 90+ years. From design conception, to building completion, to ensuring residents enjoy life in our buildings, Shaw Living is there every step of the way. 

An Interdisciplinary Team – Four Major Segments 

  • Multi-residential developments – both for sale and long-term investments

  • Ground-based developments using Prestige Home's modules both for sale and long-term investments 

  • On-site construction operations, including project management and on-site labour

  • Property management services 

The Shaw Group is one of Eastern Canada's leading manufacturers and community real estate developers: Shaw Manufacturing and Shaw Real Estate. With a strong focus on providing solutions for the construction industry, they support various market sectors and offer organizations products and services from The Shaw Group's ten business units.



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